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Mythical creature's drawings to custom plushies
Stuffed pony animals
Children's drawings to stuffed animals
Mythical creature's drawings to custom plushies
Mythical creature's drawings to custom plushies
Stuffed pony animals
Children's drawings to stuffed animals

Turn Drawings into Custom Stuffed Animals!

If you want to turn your child's drawing into a custom design and give his/her imagination a new reality, share us their drawing and caricatures and we will transform it into a stuffed animal. Made up of high quality materials, stuffed animals from drawing are the best personalized gifts for your kids and loved ones.

We do not use hard materials or plastic accessories to craft the custom stuffed animal plushies to make sure the safety of your child. We use high quality fine embroidery to give your custom stuffed animal a fantastic finish.

So, what are you waiting for? Draw on stuffed animal by your own. Upload one of your own or your child's best artworks and we will turn that drawing into stuffed animal.

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Upload Artwork

Some of the awesome artworks turned into stuffed animals by MyPlushBuddy

Whether it's a kid's doodle or detailed artwork, our team of artisans is capable of handling everything. We have turned many incredible children's drawings into stuffed animals. From book characters to illustrations, our team has dealt with all. We have turned anime characters and other wild doodles to life! Do have a look at some of the plushies we have created for our lovely customers worldwide.

Book Characters

Convert book characters to custom plushie

Kid's Drawing

Turn kid's drawing to stuffed animals

Anime Plushies

Anime characters into custom plushies

Plush Redo

Redo any of your old plush toy into new

Mythical creatures

Turn your mythical creatures drawing into plushies

Dragon Plush

Turn dragon drawing to custom plush toy

Pony Animals

My little pony stuffed animal


Turn your illustrations to custom plushie
Turn kid's drawings to stuffed animals

Reward you kids by converting their imaginations to reality

There is nothing more rewarding than getting to see your kids explore their creative side. Art and craft has been considered to be one of the greatest outlets of their exuberant childhood energy. At My Plush Buddy, we transform the imagination of your little one to reality with our creations of custom stuffed animals from drawing. Whether your kid is into crayons and pastels, or quick and simple doodling is more down their al-ley, we give everything a touch of reality. Send us the bright and beautiful creations and turn your drawings into plushies with our sensational services.

My Plush Buddy - kids drawing to stuffed animals
Turn kids drawing to custom plush toy
Draw your own stuffed animal
Custom stuffed animals as best personalized gifts

Custom stuffed animals as perfect personalized gifts

It is hard to come up with gifts that your kids or loved ones will surely love and adore. They have picky minds, and not everything grabs their attention as successfully as you would want to. But what is a surefire way to get them a present that they will not only love immediately but keep with them at all times? Gifting them a custom plush toy created from their drawings? Your little one will be full of joy and glee to have a 'plush buddy' for real, just like they had imagined.

There is no bar at My Plush Buddy as to what designs and sizes we cater. We provide our services for all types of drawings, as long as we have a picture for it and an eager pair of hands waiting to hug the custom plushies.

Custom stuffed animals and other figures from drawings

Whether your kid is in love with stray cats and dogs, or they are move into the wilderness full of lions and elephants, or their interest lies in the mythical creatures of the lore such as dragons and unicorns, or they are happy with the good old teddy bear - we transform drawings into stuffed animals of any and all kind. Kids happen to simply love soft animal buddies which can be with them all day and all night long.

Cute stuffed animals from children's drawing

Cute stuffed animals

Giant stuffed animals from artwork or drawing

Giant stuffed animals

Stuffed animal unicorn

Stuffed animal unicorn

My little pony stuffed animal

Pony stuffed animals

Stuffed animal panda from drawing

Stuffed animal panda

Giraffe stuffed animal from drawing

Giraffe stuffed animal

Turn elephant drawing to stuffed animal elephant

Stuffed animal elephant

Dinosaur stuffed animal giant

Stuffed dinosaur

Convert penguin drawing into stuffed animal penguin

Stuffed animal penguin

Custom stuffed animal dog from drawing

Stuffed animal dog

Redo of stuffed Pokémon

Stuffed animal Pokémon

Mythical creature plush from drawing

Mythical creatures

We deliver the best custom stuffed plushies to your doorstep

We bring to you the dream custom stuffed animal from drawing or other figures in a simple and streamlined 4-step process

Share your drawing with My Plush Buddy
Share your drawing with us that you want to make a custom plush toy of
My Plush Buddy artisans convert drawing to plushie
Our artisans analyze every detail and start production to make a cuddly buddy plushie
My Plush Buddy deliver softie to your doorstep
Once approved you get your custom plush toy delivered to your doorstep
Hold your cuddly buddy softie
By the time you are excited to hold your very own cuddly buddy softie

We can convert anything into a custom plush toy

From children's drawings to mythical creatures, book characters to any anime character, and to make a real look-a-like custom stuffed doll from the photo, our artisans can anything into a custom plush toy

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